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General info about POLTANK

Cysterna w trasiePOLTANK is a combination of passion and determination. Our dream was to create a company that, thanks to an extensive vehicle fleet, would be able to carry out international orders with a high degree of complexity.

We started modestly, because in 2004 we were a small family company. We had little background, but we had a plan and ambition to become one of the leaders in the transport industry.

We have successively performed activities that were to bring us closer to this goal. Currently, we can pride ourselves on having the most modern logistics and transport solutions. Thanks to this, we can carry out orders that we did not even dare to think about in the past.

Of course, we also owe a lot to our employees, which should not be overlooked here. Qualified staff every day takes care of maintaining the highest standards and timely performance of the tasks entrusted to them.



POLTANK history

Samochody ciężarowe PoltankMarch 15, 2004 • In the light of the enlargement of the European Union, to be published by Mr. Siegfried Hansen, the company Poltank Siegfried Hansen based in Tomaszówek 1A, in the Sławno commune.
The company has a fleet of 15 tractor units that transport to the farthest corners of Europe.

March 23, 2011 • The company Poltank Siegfried Hansen sp.j. is founded by Messrs. Lars Hansen, Oke Hansen and Piotr Ryszkowski. based in Tomaszówek 1A, in the Sławno commune.

01.01.2012 • Mr. Siegfried Hansen joins the company Poltank Siegfried Hansen sp.j. by contributing to the Company an organized part of the enterprise he runs under the name of Poltank Siegfried Hansen.

01/01/2015 • The company's office is moved to the newly built by Siegfried Hansen office building in Tomaszówek 1B.
December 31, 2015 • Siegfried Hansen leaves the company, the shares are held by the remaining partners.

2016 • The company has a fleet of 27 modern VOLVO tractor units.

2022 • The company has a fleet of 35 modern VOLVO tractor units.